E-Hookah Benefits

ImageEveryday Hookah is considered much safer for your health compared to traditional hookah. This is because with e-hookah/ hookah pens, you are inhaling water vapor mixed with flavoring.

Given below is a little comparison between an e-hookah and a traditional one to help you decide which should be your choice.

  1. E-Hookahs are smaller in size, which makes them easier to carry anywhere so you can enjoy it whether you are at the beach, at some party or simply in your room. Whereas, traditional hookahs are heavier and it is difficult to carry them from place to place.

  2. An electronic hookah does not emit carbon dioxide like other hookahs so it is said to be more eco and health friendly.

  3. Electronic hookah use electricity as a source for heating while in traditional models, charcoal is used, which is poison for lungs resulting in many dangerous diseases.

  4. There is no specific smoking zone for e-hookahs, which means that you can enjoy it anytime anywhere. However, for some custom hookahs, you have to go to a bar.

  5. They are comparably cheaper than the latter so opting for an e-hookah is also economical.

  6. There are fewer or almost no additive ingredients included in , which is why many adults enjoy it.

  7. There has not been any serious report regarding health risks due to smoking e-hookah, which is why this product has gained massive market in a very short period. The traditional hookahs are known to have caused lung cancer and much more.

  8. Another advantage of E-hookahs is the non-use of fire, which is also good for safety. Traditional hookahs can be a cause of fire or burn.

  9. With different sizes available, you can select an e-shisha as per your need with each piece having different price.

  10. There is no foul smell or ash at your place while using e-hookah unlike hookahs.

  11. You can enjoy e-hookahs without the fear of your teeth getting yellow or gums swelling, as there is no added harmful chemical.

This comparison displays some of the benefits of electronic hookahs, which you can never enjoy in traditional ones especially when you compare with both health risk and cost.


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