E-Hookah: What Is It?


Hookah, also known as Shisha, is a tobacco pipe with a tube that helps to draw smoke through water contained in a bowl. History tells us that hookah is one of the oldest and most popular customs in Turkey. With the passing time, its popularity has significantly increased in several other countries around the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Persia, Iran, New York, Pakistan and India. Today, hookah availability is considered as a part of top class service within the international hotel industry.

Hookah has been in the market for a past few decades now; and as time has evolved, so has the smoking product. Technology has produced some amazing products and services over the years. E-Cigarettes and E-Hookah are one of them. E-Hookah is an electronic vaporizer that vaporizes water into smoke through the consumption of electricity. E-Hookah has advantages and disadvantages but it is still safer than the traditional hookah and cigarettes.

Moreover, E-Hookah is an electronic device that uses electricity, thus, it is more convenient and does not emit carbon dioxide, which is great for your health. E-Hookah does not rely on coal to produce the vapor, instead, it uses electricity. In comparison with traditional hookahs, this device is healthier, more inexpensive and very easy to carry. It is also available in various flavors depending on the smoker’s choice and taste; and it can produce more smoke clouds than a cigarette.

E-Hookah tends to have a very low health risk as compared to smoking cigarettes and normal traditional hookahs. Available in your favorite flavors such as pineapple, apple, fruit punch, grape, and many more, an electronic hookah gives you an enjoyable experience. E-Hookah’s can also be disposed of, after use. Disposable E-Hookah’s cannot be refilled or recharged and the flavor inside cannot be changed. It uses batteries to operate and once the battery runs out, it cannot be used again.

Electronic hookahs are without a doubt, healthier than traditional shishas, but some do carry a certain amount of tobacco and nicotine in them. It is also very difficult to share an electronic hookah as it drains battery too quickly resulting in very low overall duration of each session.

Nowadays, young teenagers have formed a habit of carrying E-Hookahs with them. They spend a lot of time smoking hookahs and shishas with friends rather than getting engaged in some productive work. This habit has made them lazier than ever and they spend heaps of amounts of money on these items.

If you look at all the pros and cons of an electronic hookah, the pros outbalance the cons. It is quite harmless than a normal hookah thanks to the advancement in technology. All the people who left smoking due to health issues can now enjoy it again. Though electronic hookah is not available in every other corner shop, people can buy it online at any time.


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